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"Always remember to log any bleeds you may have and all doses of treatment on Haemtrack."

Niamh MacIndoe, Nurse Specialist 

Rare bleeding disorders

The clotting process involves many different factors, also known as proteins, that work together in a series of chemical reactions to make blood clot and stop bleeding. These factors are all given numbers. Haemophilia A is a deficiency of factor VIII and Haemophilia B is a deficiency of factor IX.

Rare clotting factor deficiencies are bleeding disorders caused by either a low level of one or more of the other factors or a protein that does not work properly.

Less is known about these disorders because they are very rare, but also because some of the proteins in the blood, which are important in making a clot were only discovered in the last forty years. The factors which may be affected are I (fibrinogen), II, V, V+VIII, VII, X, XI or XIII.

Please follow the links below for more information on these rare disorders from the World Federation of Hemophilia website:


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