My bleeding disorder

In this section we try to cover some of the common areas that might cause concern if you are living with a bleeding disorder, such as travelling and playing sports.

Baby Baby
Whether you are thinking of having a baby, have just had a baby diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, or have a friend or family member with a baby who has been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, then this section will help provide you with more information.
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Child Child
Childhood is a time of many changes; from potty training to starting school. If your child has been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder then there is even more to think about. However with the right knowledge, care and treatment your child can live a normal life like any other child.
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Teenager Teenager
By the time you are a teenager, you may already be used to living with a bleeding disorder. However not all people with bleeding disorders are diagnosed earlier on in life, and a bleeding disorder may be entirely new for you.
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Adult Adult
Having a bleeding disorder as an adult can bring up lots of new issues to do with such things as work and exercise, and you may have some concerns. However learning to communicate your disorder to others and managing your lifestyle can let you live a healthy, normal adult life.
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Older people Older people
Due to the advancement of medicine, people with a bleeding disorder can enjoy a much fuller and active life than ever before.
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Parents and carers Parents and carers
As a parent or carer it is normal to have worries and concerns as your child grows up. Some of these will not be connected to the bleeding disorder but others may be.
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Family and friends Family and friends
By talking to your family member or friend about their condition and by gaining an understanding of it, you can help them to feel individual, rather than a person who is defined by their condition. This will enable them to adjust and feel accepted by those around them.
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