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"Always remember to log any bleeds you may have and all doses of treatment on Haemtrack."

Niamh MacIndoe, Nurse Specialist 


Having a bleeding disorder as an adult can bring up lots of new issues to do with such things as work and exercise, and you may have some concerns. However learning to communicate your disorder to others and managing your lifestyle can let you live a healthy, normal adult life.

Lifestyle Lifestyle
Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is essential for managing your bleeding disorder, enabling you to lead a healthy and happy life.
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Sport and exercise Sport and exercise
Exercise is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you have a bleeding disorder it is even more advantageous as it enables you to build muscle strength that can help to prevent bleeds.
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Travel Travel
We want you to be able to travel the world and gain new experiences like anyone else, so we have prepared a travel checklist to ensure that you can be prepared ahead of your journey.
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Work Work
Excellent advances made in the treatment of bleeding disorders have greatly reduced the impact they have on your life, allowing you to fulfil your career ambitions.
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Women's issues Women's issues
Women can be affected by bleeding disorders too. You may have a disorder such as Von Willebrands disease, a platelet disorder, or you may be a carrier of haemophilia.
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