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Dr. Sarah Mangles, Consultant Haematologist


Whether you are thinking of having a baby, have just had a baby diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, or have a family member or friend with a baby who has been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, then this section will help provide you with more information.

Before you have a baby Before you have a baby
The decision to start a family is a significant moment in anyone’s life, whether or not you or your partner have an inheritable condition. However, the presence of a family history of bleeding disorders brings additional factors that need to be considered when you decide to have a child.
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Having a baby Having a baby
Whether you have a bleeding disorder or are a carrier, you will be supported and monitored throughout your pregnancy to ensure that you and your baby are not at any additional risks.
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Caring for your baby Caring for your baby
Having a baby is a life changing experience for all parents. It is often a time of great excitement but can also be a time of stress and worry, even more so if your child has been been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder.
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