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"It is important to allow your child to run around and explore their environment to ensure they build up their muscles and coordination."

Lara Oyesiku, Nurse Manager


Childhood is a time of many changes; from potty training to starting school. If your child has been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder then there is even more to think about. However with the right knowledge, care and treatment your child can live a normal life like any other child.

Young child Young child
Young children love to discover their new environment; crawling, walking and climbing. This will also be a time of discovery for parents if your child has a bleeding disorder.
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Sport and exercise Sport and exercise
Staying active and being involved in sports in and out of school is key to maintaining a healthy, strong body and mind.
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School School
Starting school is a key milestone in any child’s life, and as the parent of a child with a bleeding disorder this can be a challenging time.
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Travel Travel
Taking a child with a bleeding disorder on holiday can seem a little scary, but we believe that it shouldn’t be a barrier. With careful planning and preparation, any child can experience the excitement of going on holiday – at home or abroad.
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