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"Always remember to log any bleeds you may have and all doses of treatment on Haemtrack."

Niamh MacIndoe, Nurse Specialist 


By the time you are a teenager, you may already be used to living with a bleeding disorder. However not all people with bleeding disorders are diagnosed earlier on in life, and a bleeding disorder may be entirely new for you. In any case, the information here should be able to reassure you about your bleeding disorder, and let you get on with the enjoyment of being a teenager.

Lifestyle Lifestyle
Growing up and becoming a young adult can be an exciting yet confusing period, whether you have a bleeding disorder or not.
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Sport and exercise Sport and exercise
Staying active and being involved in sports in and out of school is key to maintaining a healthy, strong body and mind.
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School and college School and college
The key to having a normal school and college life is making sure the key people are informed and understand your condition.
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Travel Travel
We want you to be able to travel the world and gain new experiences like anyone else.
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Girl stuff Girl stuff
Girls can be affected by bleeding disorders too.
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