Clinical psychologists

We are clinical psychologists who specialise in clinical health psychology. We see people of any age who have a bleeding disorder, when psychological factors are affecting their emotional wellbeing, making their physical health worse or affecting their ability to manage their medical treatment.

Having a physical health condition, like a bleeding disorder, can affect how you think, feel and behave. Similarly, how you think, feel and behave can affect physical symptoms and how well you feel able to manage your health. You may experience distress at times because of your physical health, treatment or the effect these have on the rest of your life. Seeing a clinical psychologist could help you to improve your wellbeing or quality of life, cope with/adjust to difficulties, or manage treatment more easily.

The psychology service is still being developed. While the service is developing, we are very limited in the number of people we can see, particularly from outside the Basingstoke area. We are working towards achieving greater coverage across the Southern Haemophilia Network in the near future.

Fiona Laver

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Helen Taylor

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