Network launch announcement!

After months of discussion, board meetings, and consultations with healthcare teams as well as patients, we are happy to announce that the Southern Haemophilia Network will be launching this week. The formation of the Network is a very positive step for the region in terms of delivering consistent and effective care for all patients who have bleeding disorders. This means that patients will have the same access to services and quality of care, no matter where they live, provided by the most appropriate medical professional.

The Southern Haemophilia Network (SHN) is the first network of its kind in the UK, and has been commissioned, by NHS England - Wessex for the purpose of delivering a consistent standard of care to patients with inherited and acquired bleeding disorders across the region.

To ensure that patients receive the same level of care irrespective of their location within the region, we are adopting an integrated and unified system approach to haemophilia services, allowing services to be standardised. Patients will receive specialist care, delivered by the most appropriate health professional for their needs including consultants, specialist nurses, and therapists.

In addition to the clinical work, the Southern Academic Coagulation Consortium (SACC) brings together like-minded academics who are experts in their field, to deliver cost effective, high quality research in collaboration with their patients and the NHS. Patients are more than welcome to become involved through participation in research studies and clinical trials.

You will receive a high quality of care, regardless of where you live. Our aim is to tackle the disparity in haemophilia services across the region and deliver care in accordance with your needs. We want collaboration between our community of patients and healthcare professionals to drive forward a network of haemophilia services of the highest standard with the best use of resources.

Dr Savita Rangarajan, Director of SHN states that’s:

“Change is a given, but can feel threatening. However if one embraces change it can be very exciting as it creates opportunities galore. Our network is underpinned by this philosophy, for us no challenge is insurmountable with creative thinking and a strong will to deliver. The Southern Haemophilia Network is about collaboration and team working. We believe that by working together we can achieve and deliver better care for our patients and for the NHS. Our collective aim is to be focused on our patients rather than our institutions so that we get the best out of our team and resources.

Research is an integral part of the Southern Haemophilia Network which aims to improve patient involvement in their care and ensure every patient has equitable access to appropriate trials and The Southern Haemophilia Network is inspired by excellence.”

You can find out more about the Network throughout our new site, as well as talking to a member of the healthcare team at your local haemophilia centre.