Professor Watson presents his platelet research

Professor Steve Watson from Birmingham University was invited by the Southern Haemophilia Network to present information on his latest platelet research. It was a great opportunity for people to come and learn about platelet function disorders, why they are difficult to diagnose, how they are tested and the Platelet Charity’s involvement.

Professor Steve Watson is a British Heart Foundation Professor in Cardiovascular Sciences and Cellular Pharmacology. He is head of the Birmingham Platelet Group which undertakes a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation of platelet function in health and disease. They place a special focus on platelet receptors and their signalling pathways and furthermore their work includes translational studies in patients with platelet function disorders.

The group is recognised for the identification of the major signalling receptor for collagen receptor on platelets, the GPVI-FcR gamma-chain complex, and the C-type lectin receptor, which plays a key role in lymphatic development.

Professor Watson is also head of the Vascular Inflammation, Thrombosis and Angiogenesis (VITA) grouping in the Section of Cardiovascular Sciences.

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