SHN Director receives nomination to join the WFH board

We are pleased to announce that Dr Savita Rangarajan, Southern Haemophilia Network (SHN) Director, has received a nomination for membership to the board of the World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH). We are all extremely delighted here at SHN for Savita to be nominated for such a prestigious post on the world stage.

A position on the board of the world's leading haemophilia and inherited bleeding disorder organisation is a great honour and would enable Savita to be more actively involved in improving and sustaining care for people with inherited bleeding disorders.

Savita had the following to say about her nomination:

"I am extremely delighted and honoured to receive a nomination to be part of the WFH board. As Network Director I have been able to deliver the very best care to our patients both locally and in the wider region, enhance our team with our teaching and training programmes and develop our research department into a world-class service. If I am successfully nominated to the WFH board then I hope to use these same principles on a global scale and lead on the development of haemophilia and inherited bleeding disorder care worldwide."

Here are what some of our patients have said about Savita:

"On a scale of 1 to 10, Savita is 11. She cares only for her patients' well being."

"Dr Rangarajan never seems to stop working. I know I can contact her for help, advice or my test results, wherever she is or whatever she is doing."

"I have been under Dr Savita Rangarajan's care since my diagnosis, and to this day rely on her wealth of expert knowledge when making a decision regarding my health. I am always fully confident in Dr Rangarajan's recommendations. Her dedication and commitment to the haemophilia community is obvious, through her involvement in variety of projects in the UK and other parts of the world. Despite all this Dr Rangarajan always has the time for me as an individual patient; listening to my concerns, arranging the best care for me, and even responding to emergencies in the late hours."

The elections will take place shortly after the up and coming WFH conference in Orlando, USA from 24th to the 28th July 2016. You can view more information about WFH and the conference by clicking here to go to the WFH website.

We will post the outcomes of the election as soon as we know. Good luck Savita!