Southern Haemophilia Network Team Engagement Day

The Southern Haemophilia Network Team (SHN) Engagement Day was successfully hosted at Chilworth Manor in Southampton on Wednesday 4th of March. The day began with an introduction from Katie Bolam, SHN Manager, who gave a brief overview of what has happened in the SHN since the last engagement day.

Alex Kimber, SHN IT & Data Manager gave a well-received demonstration on telemedicine, an exciting project the network is working on. This was of particular interest to the patients that attended the event. Dr Sarah Mangles presented the work on the development of clinical pathways which can be used across the network to ensure equality of care to all patients.

The day came to a close with a discussion from Lara Oyesiku, the SHN Nurse Manager around the current structure of the SHN and where we are going. This was followed by a buffet lunch which gave everyone a chance to discuss the network!

If you would like to know more about the event or would be interested in getting involved in future events, please get in touch here